Participation 45th international festival Lefkas Greece

18 - 27 august 2007

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So far the participants are :
Costa Rica : Guipipia
South Africa : Isizwe Art Performing Group
Portugal : Grupo Folklorico Das Lavadeiras da Meadela
Netherlands : Volksdansgroep Orient Culemborg
Korea : Jung Jae Man Dance Company
Turkey: Folk Dance Group Gehem
Dagestan: Lezginka
Russia: Bashkir State Philarmonic Society
Bulgaria: Pirinska mladost Folk Dance Ensemble
Spain: Renacer

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The first rehearsal together with the orchestra Vranje

15 - 03 - 2007

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Photosession for PR Pictures

22 - 04 - 2007


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Shopping for new costumes in Marken

30 april 2007


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