Folkdancegroup OriŽnt was established in Culemborg in 1972. Culemborg is a town in a region called 'De Betuwe' which is well known for its fruit and its beautiful riverlandscape. The folkdancegroup performs dances from the Netherlands but also from many other European countries and even from Mexico, although you would not suspect this hearing the name OriŽnt.

OriŽnt performs all over the Netherlands, but also in other countries all over the world. Abroad they mainly show dances from the Netherlands. The colourful costumes OriŽnt wears are handmade by traditional examples.

Folkdancegroup OriŽnt consists of approximately 40 members, subdivided by age and experience. All of our members dance for fun. The group who is performing for you is our most experienced group of men and women who dance with great pleasure. And we hope that you will enjoy watching our performance, just as much as we enjoy giving it.

As a certified dance-instructor and choreographer, Petra van Koelen has been very important for Orient for approximately 25 years now. Together with her husband Petra created and taught the choreographies that will be shown by Orient. These dances have proven to be very succesfull when performed on festivals and shows.

Previous festival experience of Volksdansgroep OriŽnt Culemborg: Poland:1994, France:1996, Belgium 1999, China 2001, France 2002, Korea 2004, Greece 2007, Belgium 2008, Syria 2009, Belgium 2010, USA 2013 and several festivals in the Netherlands from 1972 on, among others in Odoorn 2000.

For more information about Folkdancegroup OriŽnt, and the possibillities regarding performances, please contact:

Volksdansgroep OriŽnt Culemborg
Mrs. Lisette Couwenberg
Amstelsingel 7, 4105 GZ Culemborg, The Netherlands
phone: (+)31-345-518439
email: info@volksdans-culemborg.nl